Taking care if the nanny flushed … Nanny Nuisance

Every day, every single day I control my urge to shout out loud, I want to but I can’t, I need them, I need the cleaning lady, I need the Nanny. Almost ten times a day I take a deep breath before explaining things to my daughter’s nanny. My daughter is fourteen months old. I hired the first nanny when she turned one. So basically this is the third nanny in past two and a half months. Phew! Am I happy with the new one? No. I am not. Will I ever be satisfied with any Nanny? I don’t think so.
Reason being, no mother can ever fully trust anyone except herself when it comes to taking care of their baby. So, the first nanny joined in March. She was active, very active, she would clean my refrigerator, fans, kitchen, wash clothes and what not except spending time with my daughter. I guess she had forgotten why she was hired. That time, my daughter wanted to stand and walk but this lady would try everything she could to stop her form doing so. she would spread all her toys and force her t sit and play. I was observing what she was trying to do. Numerous times I told her to make Abhitha walk as much as she wants but she would simply ignore. Being a writer, I need peace to write but it was a distant dream with my first nanny because all day long I would hear her shouting, ‘Abhitha! Abhitha! Abhitha IDHAR AA JAO. ABHITHA UDHAR MAT JAO. ABHITHA BAITH JAO.’
Brrrr…. I have had it enough. These nannies think we are either fools or we don’t care but we do. I wasn’t paying her to control my daughter, I was paying her to follow my daughter and take care of her. After zillions of attempts when she did not understand I had to let go her, I had to let go an active nanny.
I decided I will look after Abhitha myself and would write at night. I managed quite well for about twenty days but then i had this meeting with my seniors and I had nobody. Thankfully it was just one of my seniors and she is quite understanding. So there I was, having a meeting, deciding ToC and stuff for books with Abhitha sitting on my lap tongue emoticon Half way through the meeting she started crying, crying no no not crying howling, no tears she was just shouting. we had to drop the meeting. As soon as the meeting was over she slept not to wake up for next three hours. I was terrified and tired and lost. I wanted a Nanny. The search began again, I called the first one to join but she had found another work. Then my maid brought another nanny. A sixty two year old woman. A sixty two year old woman to take care of child who has now learnt to walk and who simply does not sit in one place. As expected she could not manage. She came for two days and the third day she did not come unsure emoticon Ok so this one ran away because Abhitha bothered her like anything.
NOw enters the third one, today was her third day, let’s see for how long she stays. she is actually everyone’s leader. she used my face towel to clean the food spilled on floor, she left Abhitha unattended on the bed, when asked to collect all of Abhitha’s toys and put them in a bucket she collected everything along with newspapers, one of my slippers, a glass, a bowl and a cushion in Abhitha’s toy bag, more than anything everytime she uses the washroom, I have to remind her to flush. This is so odd that every time she goes to the washroom, i am taking care to check if she flushed or not, ‘Nhi Aunty aapne flush nhi kiya, Jao flush karo’ I say this ten times a day. As if this is not enough, whatever little peace I get she has numerous questions to ask, most of the times I choose to ignore. She is not able to make Abhitha sleep so I have t do that while she sleeps during that time unsure emoticon If anyone can suggest a good Nanny in Pune please reply…


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