Stay At Home Mom vs Working Mom?

It is extremely disturbing to see people comparing stay at home moms and working moms. Sounds extremely silly to me to judge a mother’s love for her child on the basis of her work status. Believe you me people will always judge you.
“Oh! You are working… How do you even have the courage to stay away from your child for almost an entire day? Don’t you wanna spend time with your child.” Behind your back they would say, “I bet she just wants to run away from the responsibility of taking care of a child. Leaves the poor child at home.” They would judge you even more if you are a stay at home mom, “Oh! you stay at home with your child. Good, Enjoy your break.” Behind your back, “What an excuse! SHe has no career.. WHo stays at home in this century? I bet if she is even qualified.”

You know what, Give them zero fishes 😛 You know what I mean. It amazes me that it is women who judge other women. Being a mother I know how much a mother loves her child and if I love my child so much then it must be same with every mother. WHy is it so that some women fail to understand that?
I have stayed at home with my daughter until she was eight months old, taking care of her and I know it is not an easy thing. I worked full time for the next four months and it was equally difficult because every morning I wanted to stay with her. All day in office millions of times I would look at her picture, five six times I would call my mother to see how she is. Currently, I work from home. A nanny helps me with Abhitha. I still do a lot of things because a child does not simply accept anyone so easily. People still judge me, they say, “WHy can’t you simply start again after she starts going to school. You are just a writer, you can start it anytime. Why are you rushing?”
Do I care? No, I know how much I love my child and only I have the right to decide. When a woman decides to give up on her career to be with the child, it should be her own decision, it should be her choice. if she wants to continue working again it should be her choice because a woman knows what is goood for her family.
Stay at home or working every mother is special and no one can ever love a child more than his/her mother.


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