Tricky Weekends – A Page From A Husband’s Diary

Monday-I hate Mondays, Tuesday-Monday’s younger sister, I am not too fond of it as well, Wednesday- Ok, let’s do some work, Thursday –Yay! tomorrow is Friday, Friday – Oh Dear, I missed you, acting as if working, Saturday – You! You are the best, Sunday –Please don’t leave me!

This is how my week looks like. This is expected, we work on weekdays and we wait for weekend. Very normal. My concern is how to plan those two precious days, weekends. It actually becomes quite a task.

Wife wants to go out, but then it should be something fancy, plus wife wants to buy the groceries, manage all the household left over chores, wife also wants to buy new toys for the baby, wife wants to go to the park and spend some family time, wife wants to go out and meet friends, also wife wants me to get snacks for the breakfast.

Sure, no problem. We can do that, I can manage all of that every weekend but then comes this cracker, this one little cracker issue. I don’t even know what happened, if it is something i said or as wife quotes “The way I said it” she isn’t happy. What?1?!1 Come on! This can’t be happening, clap! clap! Swish! Swoop! Everything go back to normal. Ah! well, it won’t, I have opened the Pandora’s box and now let’s wait until everything cools down.

Okay, so she is upset, let me give her some space, may be she will feel better. I should better watch some television, oh but it should be on mute. Still better as long as I can read the subtitles.

Oh, no she looks even more upset. What happened now? Let this weekend pass quickly. Let me take the baby outside for a walk. Yes, this will work. It’s nice outside, the baby looks happy, I am relieved. Ah Ow! Wifey! She is coming, she is smiling, she is fine now or is it just a cover. I guess she is fine. We are talking, she is laughing, we go upstairs, everything is fine, She: ‘I love you’ Me: I love you more.

All cool. but what did just happen. why did she get upset and how the hell is she all calm now. Why? What? How? Unable to find the answers.

These small fireworks do add up some glitter in our lives. Fine by me perhaps it is better unknown why women get upset and how they calm down just the same way.


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