Tucking That Tummy!!

Well, I never realised how useful these body shapers can be until I tried one. Before having a child thankfully I did not even need one, but I do now.
My love for wearing dresses made me buy a good body shaper. When I first tried that dress I could see my body divided into three tyres ๐Ÿ˜› I could article-1373004-0B6B86CE00000578-332_306x423have cried that moment but then I took a deep breath. ‘Don’t worry! You will lose weight.’
My gynac told me that I should not thinking too much about loosing weight instead I should focus on enjoying this blissful motherhood. That’s what I am doing. My daughter likes different tastes and we enjoy eating together.
Sorry, coming back to the point. I bought my first body shaper and it simply changed a lot, the tummy – check, thighs – check, butts- check ๐Ÿ˜‰ The dress looked better this time.
I agree that we should not bother too much about appearance and stuff and definitely there is no hurry to loose weight but we can definitely cheat a bit to make ourselves feel better. I mean come on, we work so hard, we manage the house, look after our angels, then there is a big grown up child to take care of (our husbands).
A simple tummy tucker will make that favourite t-shirt of yours look even better. Yes, I am talking to you amazingly gorgeous Mommy. If not all the time but when you go out. I am wearing one right now and just the thought that yes the dress fits better now makes me happy.
I use some other ways as well to make myself forget about this tummy as of now. May be later I would start thinking of how to loose this weight but now is not the time for me as I am too much engrossed with my daughter and work.But I hope that time comes soon for I am one lazy woman ๐Ÿ˜›d065ee8d1f97f79ce1869dd3e3c73616
Do you use some ways to make yourself forget about that tummy? (If you have one, please share) I have seen some women with gifted genes who do not really have to even think about it :/ **feeling jealous**


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