Give the baby a rattle or a nice toy, that is enough to keep them entertained… Okay! This piece of advice came from someone I know when my daughter was born. Needless to say but I just want to return the advice with a score of 0 out of 100.

It might look easy but to keep a child entertained for some time is just not that easy. No matter how many toys I buy for my daughter, she always wants stuff from my kitchen to play with, she wants all the utensils specially the big ones that she cannot even lift. Problem? Yes, it is a problem. After a lot of struggle I finally bought a nice kitchen set for my daughter from www.firstcry.com and it really helped.

But there are times when her choices are simply strange… When I lie down to relax, she comes and sits on my tummy…It’s tik tik ghooda time for her… she is just 16 months old, can’t really talk much. She comes and sits on my tummy, she starts jumping saying tiktik tiktik in the cutest voice possible and definitely the ghooda has to work for that smile. Is she entertained? Yes, for a while.

For a while? What does this mean? Let me explain. After tiktik tik tik it is time forย jhoo jhoo k mama k…. yes, I guess she knows Mamma needs to excercise ๐Ÿ˜› she comes and sits on my feet prompting me to do make her swing on my legs… Do I do that? Of course i do but after sometime I stop and make her sit down next to me but does she stop? Definitely not…. She comes again and sits on my feet again….

To keep her entertained, I have to make the funniest faces possible, sing in the funniest voice possible and dance in the funniest manner possible… sometimes she wants to play the Bhaaawww game… what is that??? Well, I hide behind the door, she comes and I shout BHaaaww and she laughs and runs… For once ot twice it’s okay but after repeating it again and again I sometimes feel dizzy… no seriously sounds funny but it’s not….

To keep her entertained, no matter where we are, I have to sing… Five Little Monkeys Jumping On the Bed… car, mall, restaurant, friend’s place, middle of the road, at a roadside vada paav stall… she wants it and I have to do it…

When I want her to eat, I have to entertain her, with every bite I have to call a cheeya (bird) first to come and eat her food, only then she would take the bite….”CHeeya Cheeya aa jao, cheeya cheeya Abhitha ka khana khaa lo” and she comes running to have her food… imagine saying the same line for every bite…

Oh yes! I forgot, I have to entertain her when she poops as well, as she sits on her seat to poop, I sing… sing what??? O Baby doll main sone di o baby doll main sone di…. it is my luck if I only have to sing… there are days when I even dance on this song for her in the bathroom as she poops :/ Yes, you can laugh ๐Ÿ˜›

One thing is for sure,…. Entertaining A Toddler definitely #BACHCHONKAKHELNAHIN

Why I do all these things? To keep her entertained because when she laughs and giggles… Awwww…. that is the most beautiful thing….

First Cry: www.firstcry.com

World of Moms: www.worldofmoms.com

Why I Like This Ad? Simple because unlike all other advertisements this one moves a step ahead…it’s not just the parents who shop for the kids, it’s the grandparents as well, relatives and friends as well and for them it is equally difficult… PLus the Ad conveys the message in the shortest yet cutest way possible… on a lighter note.. two too cute people ๐Ÿ™‚


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