Lucky TO Get Work From Home??? Not Really

Many mothers said – “you are lucky to get work-from-home, it is quite easy to work-from-home. You are working and you are with the baby”. Let me tell you it is quite difficult and it has its own share of pros and cons.

Being a mother I know how hard it is to leave the child with someone else and go to work. There is this strange anxiety almost all the time, if not anxiety then we are missing the baby A LOT. I know this because for two months I tried going to office leaving my daughter with my mother. Though I knew that my daughter was in safe hands, still it was too difficult to stay away from her. I would literally run inside as soon as I reached home, she would come to me running in her walker and that was the time I actually breathed.
There was time when I did not work at all but that was even more difficult for me because I am addicted to working, it works like medicine to all my stress.
Finally, I got a chance to work from home, from the same publicatiion house that I was working with. I was happy that I have the opportunity to keep working and be with my daughter at the same time. It is good but it has negative impacts as well.

  • I have simply neglected my grooming, I brush my hair… I don’t know when… I guess, never :P. I am fond of a little make up but all my make up is simply getting old and might retire sometime soon, I am always, ALWAYS roaming around in Pyjamas, that simply hide all the flab and I am getting fat. :/
  • I have become one big couch potato. I sit on the same place of the couch, right from 9:30 to 6:30, writing stories and stuff. If I have a meeting with juniors I don’t even bother getting up and going to the study room. However, with seniors I do change place. I get up only to get food or play with or feed Abhitha.
  • Sometimes, it is hard to concentrate because everyone is talking in the other room or the baby starts crying just when I get a call from my senior.
  • There have been times when I had a telephonic meeting and while discussing the details of a project I was feeding Abhitha and trust me, it was no where close to being funny. I believe, when you are in office at least you don’t have to face all these things.
  • I know I might sound bad but there is this kind of relief when you actually reach office after a busy weekend at home, for me weekends equals double the work and then Monday looks like an enemy.
  • Also, being at home, I get a little careless and sometimes do not work at my regular pace.
  • If I had been in the office I would not have had to entertain unwanted noisy neighbours, who think that work from home means work whenever you want.
  • Plus, if you are working from home people in your office think you are simply having fun. They think that you can do extra work because you are saving the traveling time. :/ So just because I am working from home, sometimes I have to work more than everyone else.
  • Family members think you can do your work anytime so they keep discussing things or assigning work. All this leads to piled up pending work that you have to finish at night, eventually.

So basically, I am working day and night and still people feel that I am in a very comfortable situation.
But, then there is one good think about working from home that makes it special. I can be with Abhitha, I can hug her whenever I want, look at her play, although that comes as distraction but I hope I can bear that for the sake of her smile.


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