Pregnant and Wise

There are a lot of things that the moms-to-be can do to make this time worth remembering. There is a lot more that you can do to make your post-pregnancy time easy. No matter if you are a single mom or with your husband, you can always have your share of fun.

First of all, this is for every mom-to-be and every woman who wants to have a little baby. We must never ever be dependant on our husbands or anyone to be happy. Pregnancy is not always a very blissful time for everyone, somebody’s in-laws make it difficult for them, sometiimes things with husbands are not that ideal but we must not let others spoil the mother-baby bonding… I know it is easier said than done but still one has to do that.

  1. Work: Please don’t stop working unless your gynac asks you to. Not only it will keep you busy and active but will also take away attention from feeling sick. This will also ensure that you remain financially strong even when you decide to stay at home with your baby.
  2. Save This is in continuation with point 1. Save! Do not spend money on things that you find cute, or you think might be remotely useful for the baby. Things that a baby needs most is milk, lots of nappies and diapers, towels, basic baby care stuff and most importantly Mom, Mom and Mom. Personally, I don’t think cribs work well with the new born baby especially in India because we mothers want our babies to be close to us all the time.
    1. Exercise: Yes, exercise keeps you fit but more than that it keeps you happy. Walking and some simple exercises will help you stay calm and fresh.
    2. Talk: Go out and talk to people. Go to that park close to your house every evening and talk to other women. It is one of the best things to do. A good time pass and you might get to learn something fom their experiences.
    3. Net Surfing: World Of Moms is one such place where you can get answers.. PROMPT answers to all your queries. You can read useful stuff and since it is moms who answer you get real answers. Plus it gives you a chance to win some goodies as well.
    4. Look for some work from home Option: This might not be applicable to all moms but to some who know that they might need some work to support themselves. It is better to depend on ourselves, and trust me, even if you feel anxious about how you will handle your baby with work, Just relax! You can do it and no one can do it better than you. The moment we become a mom, I don’t know how, but we get this new energy and strength unmatchable. We no longer remain weak. There are many options to opt for from freelance writing, editing, other jobs that you can do at your own pace and from your own place. It is better to work, earn and have a nanny to help you than expecting others to support you. My husband has taken care of me like a mother during and after pregnancy but still I started working from home for a small publication house when my daughter was a month old because it made me happy. Work from home is actually a very good option if you can manage.
    5. Indulge in some activity: Find some time for your hobbies because once the baby arrives you might not be able to devote time to hobbies. I like art and craft and so I was busy making cards, or decorating and reusing empty boxes to make sock box, shoe rack for the baby, or a separate basket for fresh and used diapers, organisers and other stuff. Not just I was able to pass time but the stuff I made was very useful.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            
    6. Meditation: It sounds boring but actually helps. If you stay calm you can manage things better. Things change a lot and one has to be prepared for them.
    7. Declutter your house: Remove all the things that are in excess. Unnecessary accessories and stuff because the more stuff your house will have more you will have the cleaning and arranging work to do. Have a stack of clean towels and bedsheets in a rack, have a lot of empty space in a rack, you will need it. Stock your kitchen with basic necessary items. You can even have some ready-to-cook or ready-to-eat food packets for the crucial times.
    8. Declutter your wardrobe: Maxi dresses, Pyjamas, tshirts, feeding shirts, comfortable lingerie, a few dresses for outing. If breastfeeding, it’s better to have dresses with buttons or hooks in front, that is all you need for at least two-three months.
    9. Write a Diary: If not daily then once or twice a week write diary and record your feelings and emotions. It also helps you to vent out any negativity around you.
    10. Plan the next one year: I don’t want to scare you but it is better to have a planned year. Not everything will go as per your plans but still it can prove useful.
    • Plan how you are going to manage the cooking part because you will hardly get time to cook properly for atleast three months.
    • Plan how you will control the budget once the baby arrives.
    • Plan what things you might need as soon as the baby arrives (please don’t buy unnecessary stuff)
    • Plan and make a routine. Though routines just don’t work with new born babies but once the baby is a month old, start taking him/her out for a stroll in their prams. Ten minutes of walking and they will fall asleep and you can sit and read a book in the park or chat with your friends. DO NOT STAY CONFINED IN THE HOUSE.
    • How I plannned:
      • Wake up
      • Breakfast
      • Massage the baby
      • Feed
      • Bath
      • Feed
      • Sleep (baby), I (work – edited some local guides and books – easy money less work)
      • Feed
      • Play
      • Feed
      • Lunch
      • Feed
      • Go out in evening (2 hours at least, take some breast milk in a bottle)
      • Come back
      • Prepare Dinner
      • Feed
      • Massage
      • Sponge Bath (Massage and Sponge Bath calms a baby and helps him/her sleep for  longer duration)
      • Feed Sleep
      • Work (An hour)
      • Sleep

    Most importantly, don”t forget you are the best and it is all about you and your baby. 🙂
    Loads of love to all moms-to-be because you are going to be very happy once your baby arrives. My prayers for each one of you and the angel kicking your tummy from inside 🙂


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