Reliving Memories With Kids

Living like a grown up, taking care of all the responsibilities, higher education, career, marriage, kids…. All of us somewhere forget those small things that once made us happy. Being a mother we tend to get so busy that we hardly get time to pursue our hobbies. But there are certain things that we can enjoy with our kids.
. 1 Dancing: Yes, play some good music with beats, turn up the volume and dance. Kids tend to love songs and chances are your baby will join you. I was getting bored the other day and my daughter wanted to play, so I started dancing on the rhymes that she loves listening to. I danced like a baby, I jumped and swirled and my daughter simply loved it. She was surprised, she laughed and giggled and it was fun for sure.
2. Draw: Get those non toxic crayons and just put them in a box and some drawing sheets, draw something, let your child draw something, lines, crosses, jumbles. Kids love colours and if dancing is not working, drawing might 🙂

3. Laughter Therapy:  Funny as it sounds, kids love to copy their mothers. I was watching a show the other day and since it was a comedy show and I laugh real loud, my daughter actually copied me. The more I laughed the more she did. It was funny, I had to eventually stop her because I was tired but it was so refreshing and relaxing. Made me feel a lot better.

4. Play Along: Pick up that ball and run and throw the ball and race to catch it. Kids just love it. Not just it is helpful in improving their senses and keeping them busy, it is fun too. Involve your husband and trust me it is going to be one romantic activity. By the end of the game the child will be tired and might sleep (hopefully), you and your husband will get some time together. Playing or doing things together give you more time to romance. (Tried and tested :P) These small gestures and the little bit of eye contact brings back the fire from the initial days(dating time or right after marriage times).


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