Perfectly In Love With Imperfection – I Love My Milk Stained Dress

Milk stained dress, messy hair, toys scattered everywhere, kitchen utensils making a display in the living room, cushions on floor and biscuit crumbs on bed… a visual of my life everyday. Everything is imperfect yet I love it and I won’t exchange it for anything in this world because this all symbolises that my little angel is all hale and hearty.

Having a toddler, a baby at home means a lot of work 🙂 My baby would play with a toy for a second and leave it there only, she would come and wipe the chocolate on her face to my dress, she would bring her biscuits on bed and simply crush it eating only half of it, she would spill the namkeen on floor (perfectly wiped and clean) and then pick one grain each time and eat, she never ever lets the sofa cover actually cover the sofa. To be honest a few weeks ago I was upset about this. For once I wanted my house to look like a house and my dress to look neat when I go out. I made sure that I cleaned and arranged everything again and  again. I changed my dress thrice. My daughter seemed to enjoy it and thought it to be a game where she would throw toys everywhere and I would pick them up.

AT that point of time, I really wished for a perfectly neat house. Now, I am hating that wish of mine. My daughter caught cold and cough. she had fever as well. It was painful to see her coughing. Because of the medicine she was all sleepy and quiet. She would either sleep or simply sit quietly in my lap. She was too weak to be naughty. Her face was red because of fever.

My house was clean, sofa cover on sofa, no stains on my dress, hair properly tied, no toys scattered everywhere, no bread crumbs on bed, no kitchen utensils in the living room, everything was clean. Believe you me I HATED IT, I hated my clean house, I hated my clean dress, I wanted my old imperfect house so badly.

As I looked at my angel sleeping because of the medicines, I apologised to her, to myself that I wished for something that I now hate so much. I don’t want a perfect house, a neat dress…. It was just flu and she obviously got better in four-five days but these days were so difficult. My house looked the worst with all its neatness. Once she was fine, she had her milk (btw she has started drinking from the cup, my little sweetheart) looked at me and wiped her milk on my shoulder. My dress was again stained with milk and how pretty I looked in my milk stained dress. I was smiling and crying at the same time as tears rushed out of my eyes. Awwww… my baby play as much as you want, this time will never come back once you grow up. Mamma is never going to stop you.

How everyday is a like a realisation day for me, how every moment I realise something new, this time I realised that the happiness of my life lies in the imperfections of my house because it shows and proves that my little angel is in best of her health. It shows that my baby is happy and having fun. I am perfectly in love with the imperfections in my life.

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