Testing Times with Toddler Tantrums

She cries when she cannot drink water from an empty bottle, and she would not even let me refill the bottle. She cries if her father picks her up instead of me and again cries if I try to take her. She laughs non stop and the next moment because of over enthusiasm she would fall and cry.

My little daughter is one and a half year old and she is one big drama queen. Until now I had just read about the tantrums toddlers throw but now I am having my first hand experience with it.

I take her for a bath, which she loves, but then she does not want to sit in the bath tub, she wants to stop the water coming out from the tap, she wants to hold it. And when the water does not listen to her, or I should say obey the queen, the queen gets angry and starts crying. Now I need someone to teach me how to hold water.

The other day, she wanted to eat bananas. Ah, good! Bananas are good but she wanted to crush it and eat. If I stop her you know what would she do. And she perfectly knows how to eat a banana, she always eats properly but that one day was difficult.

Oh and she wants my rings. No no, I can’t hide them, she wants her father’s hard disk, she wants to take out the bulb from the table lamp, she wants to take her pram when we go out and walk it the way we do it.

Ah! I love everything she does but that crying is terrible. The other day she was crying because we did not let her pull the curtains down, and my husband like an expert suggested. ‘Let her cry, if we will not notice, she will be fine’ I knew what was going to happen next but then I followed. She kept crying and crying and the voice got louder and louder. She was lying flat on the floor crying and taking a pause for a second to check if we were noticing. When this continued for a while my husband gave up and picked her up. Obviously the mischievious madam won.

Her tantrums do scare me sometimes because I worry what if this becomes her habit. I am trying to find ways to control it but failing miserably. So any help from fellow moms would do ๐Ÿ™‚



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