Baby Comes First BUT What About Your HUSBAND???

395110_363116823780087_660320577_n while answering one of the questions I realised that after becoming a mother women tend to put their baby first. Nothing wrong in it, I do so too. Plus with all that work and stress we don’t even really feel that urge to romance. We somehow neglect one person who has stood by us all the time – husband.

Our funny hormones make it even more difficult for us to actually focus on the love making if we want to call it that. We definitely have something to blame, “It’s my hormones, I am too troubled.” But what about our husbands, they would not ask for it, they would not even complaint, they are extremely proud of us and happy to see us taking care of the baby. Please admit it, they need love too.
Sex is one of the best stress buster, an activity that ensures that we release every single stress hormone. We can’t deny the fact that if we are not stressed we will be able to manage things in a better way. Many a times I heard women saying that after the birth of their child, motherhood has taken a toll on their relationship with their husbands. Reason – lack of romance. It is important to look at it from a husband’s point of view as well. He needs you… and I am not talking just about sex, he needs you emotionally, he misses those cuddles and spontaneous I love you, he misses you sitting next to him sipping tea or simply surfing the net and he totally understands that you can’t do all of that right now as you have one more baby to look after. but imagine how happy he would be if you could take out sometime just for him.
Husbands, I believe are like grown up kids and they adore us, they love the way we sometimes pamper them. With changing times husbands do support their wives and lend a helping hand whenever needed so for their happiness we can manage and take some time out for them as well.
You know what I do, I give my husband manicures and pedicures and he finds it funny and he is too shy to admit that this is fun. Exchange neck and back massages, take turns to give each other massage and you know what it would lead to. Believe you me if this romance and fire is there you will be even more happy. Your child will have a positive environment full of love to grow.
Simply walk towards him while he is watching TV with the baby in his arms and give him a peck on his cheeks, move your fingers in his hair while passing next to him. Just like us small gestures make them smile as well….. and they would be so happy to be pampered again.


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