On The Other Side Of The Road


On The Other SIde Of The Road

As I go to pick up my daughter from day care everyday, I notice a banana seller with his cart and another man who sells some household stuff on a cart. This man is always seen standing at the banana seller’s cart, either talking to him or his customers, at least that is what it looked from the other side of the road.

‘This man is just not sincere’, a random thought came to my mind until tomorrow when I had to buy some bananas. I went there and asked for six bananas. That man was still there abandoning his own cart. I chose to ignore him. As soon as I said six, this man started taking out six bananas, it was then that I noticed that the banana seller was handicapped, he could use only one hand. I felt guilty…
this man was not just helping the banana seller, he was so casual that not even at any point he seemed to be too proud of it. They were just friends… helping each other.
I guess life is like this, we judge others standing on the other side of the road, the truth comes out when we finally reach out to them on their side.



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