Pregnant For The First Time Or Planning A Baby? Things You Must Know

The Priviledged Parent

1. Sleep Deprived

Aww, so the baby’s kicks do not let you sleep. Ha! Get ready for more. This little baby will simply not let you sleep once it is there in your arms. For the initial months it would want to be fed all the time especially during the night time. You might plan that you will sleep during the day when the baby sleeps. I don’t think so, because then, you will be busy looking at this cute little angel, admiring its beauty and praising God’s wonder. You would slowly kiss its cheek, put your finger in its fist, or simply keep gazing at the baby, and so you would completely forget to sleep and by the time you will finally try to sleep, the baby will wake up to be fed again or to be cleaned.

2. New Mommy Glow
I know people might have complemented you…

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