I Am Not A Selfless Mom

Yes, I do think about myself, yes I do consider my own likes and dislikes and I am happy about it. I might not be an ideal mom as per others standards but I know I am doing good.

I love my husband and I love my daughter buut I love myself as well. I consider their likes and dislikes while making a choice and give importance to my choices as well. Trust me I am happier now.
When my baby was born my life revolved around her. I was happy, very happy but then there were moments when I was not happy, I had mood swings and I did not even know the reason why I was sad. These were the moments of depression.

All this in turn affected my marriage, not that we stopped loving each other but there were arguements and door slamming and then an awkward silent phase. Tears rolled down my eyes because of a strange helplessness. I wanted my husband to help and he was trying his best but he could not. WHy? because if I myself didn’t know what my problem was, how was he supposed to understand.
After almost an year I realised that the problem was nothing but only one thing. I had stopped giving time to myself, I had stopped thinking about myself. It was then I decided to give time to myself.
What I do? Simple, I spend some time and some money for my own happiness.
Once a week, I surprise myself with something or other, a spa, a facial, last week I got a new hair cut, all length gone, I got a subtle version of bob cut and I look good ๐Ÿ˜›
I buy something for myself, a dress, an ornament, a bag… it does not have to be too expensive, even a simple pair of earings are fine.
Such gifts are making me pamper myself as well.
I have started doing things that are stress busters for me. I write. Well, I used to buy a lot of stuff from firstcry and I used to get these mails from them regarding http://www.worldofmoms.com. I never opened the link but once I did. I opened it, it was like a whole new world, it was new, it was a fresh site. It was then I shared my first story, a story that was holding me back and the overwhelming support from fellow moms helped me gain my confidence back.
I was Mom of the Week and was sooo… happy.

I have strated drawing as well and I love it.

What I want to say is that there is nothing harm in being a little selfish. This does not make us bad moms. In fact we become better because we can keep our loved ones happy only when we are happy. A little somethings for ourselves and we will be happy and our families will be happy.
Thinking about myself helped me a lot.

A series of books is going to be launched soon and my name is there on the cover. The launch is in November and i have taken up the 30 days challenge to look my best.


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