A Perfect Example For A Daughter, Her Daddy <3

Yes, I am falling in love with you again. Yes, I can’t keep my eyes off you just like it happened when we first met. Yes, I smile unnecessarily when I think of you. When it happened first it was the love of a girl for a boy, this time, it is a woman’s love for her husband who has just turned into an adorable father. Trust me, you look awesome when you hold our child in your arms and swing her on your broad shoulders.

Last night when I failed miserably in making our daughter sleep, you simply put her in your lap and within five minutes she slept. Are you a magician or something? Because this has happened with me, a hug from you and I feel all dreamy.

Do you know how attractive you look when you hold our child in your arms or make her sit on your shoulder? You look amazing. When I look at you playing like a child with the baby, I can’t keep my eyes off you. You look like an innocent child yourself.

And when you make her cheerfully wear clothes that she generally cries while wearing, I feel amazed at your ability to make her do things so easily. You definitely are some kind of wizard.
     When you hold my bag without any inhibition, because I am carrying our child in my arms, I feel proud of you. I feel proud because you put aside all the ego and do what is important. Not just, I feel proud of you but also, I walk like a proud wife, proud because I have got an amazing husband, and a proud mother because the father of my child is going to set an amazing example in front of our daughter.

Yes, I am happy to have you in my life and I am happy that our daughter is going to grow up seeing you. She is going to learn how a real man behaves; she is going to know how a man should treat a woman. Her standard or parameter to choose a partner or a friend is going to be ideal because she is your daughter, because she will know what to expect from a partner.

I feel proud because my daughter is going to see how a partner respects and cares, I feel relieved that she is going to notice every small habit of yours and so, I believe, she would know what to expect. I truly am falling in love with you all over again.

You never let anyone pick up or even touch the utensils in which you have eaten, no matter where we are; you never eat hot chapattis because you don’t like it that while you eat peacefully someone else is working in kitchen just to serve you; you never expect anyone to keep running after you or do your small tasks; you do all your work yourself and never disturb anyone; you respect each and every person around you; you  are a perfect man.

I can’t tell you how relaxed I am because our daughter has a very good example in front of her. She will know how a man should treat a woman, she will know how two people live together with love and respect.You will be her first love.

Also, I know you don’t admit it now but I am not sure how you are going to marry her and live away from her. In the coming years she is going to give you so much love and on her wedding each image of hers will run in front of your eyes, holding your finger for the first time, calling you papa, sleeping  on your shoulder, having tea party with you, tying your hair in a pony, crying on your shoulder when I scold her and a lot, a lot…I know because I am  a daughter and I still miss my father.

 This article of mine was originally published on http://www.mycity4kids.com. To read more click  here


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