Light Of Mine Desire To Be Happy

After three years of marriage and one and a half years of being a Mom, I realised that it is my pursuit to happiness that keeps me going. My desire to be happy is what makes me face any challenge that comes my way. Some might consider me selfish but that’s not what it is. I believe, the real reason behind Moms feeling sad or depressed is their neglect towards their own happiness without realising that this might affect their own family as well.

I felt lonely, ignored and lost. I felt no one cares for me, I felt my husband has changed and does not really thinks about me the way he used to. I was working on a project very important, I achieved something great and he was no where to celebrate. I really felt hopeless and to be honest I felt like a lifeless robot working for my family, taking care of the baby.
Wake up, prepare breakfast, keep a check on maid, work, prepare lunch, play with baby, work, prepare dinner, make the bay sleep,  sleep…. This was happening with me and I fought with my emotions every moment. No one cares about me, my husband does not care about me. I cried and shouted at my husband, “I put everyone’s happiness above myself, I don’t even think about myself and no one care about me” and he very calmly replied, “That is what you are doing wrong… Read More

“This post is an entry for the contest ‘The Little Light of my Life’ on for a jackpot prize.”


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