Bring Back My Daughter

My little Sunshine, she really is,

My life, my hope she really is,

How much her beautiful smile I miss,

How much I miss that innocent kiss.

Now she lies on the hospital bed,

Injuries and cuts all over her head,

She can’t speak but looks at me,

Numerous questions her sad eyes ask me.

‘Mummy was he the Ravana, you told me about,

Mummy he covered my mouth I could not even shout,

Mummy was he the Ravana I saw in Ram leela,

Mummy he looked like the devil in Ram Leela.’

How do I tell her he was worse than a devil,

Worse than Ravana, worse than any evil.

That man could not see my daughter’s age,

On my daughter took out all his rage.

My little girl is lying in pain,

She no more smiles, all efforts in vain.

My little daughter cries and cries,

To get up and walk my baby tries.

She looks at me, eyes full of tears,

Gets scared and shouts even when her father comes near.

Her father acts strong but cries alone,

His family’s happiness in a second blown.

His little angel is groaning and crying,

The life in a father is slowly dying.

He still runs after every man,

To get justice, he tries all he can.

I look at my baby and wonder now

the justice they will give will help her how,

Will she be free from all the pain?

Will she forget the trauma that’s set in brain.

In all anguish and anger and annoyance I ask you God,

Were You sleeping when my daughter that devil clawed?

Where were You when he smashed her soul?

Where were You when her smile he stole?

I don’t care what people will do,

Because I consider to blame You too.

When are You going to stop this slaughter?

Take my life and bring back my daughter.

Oh Ma Durga, where are You?

For this fight I need You too.

Please come here one more time.

Please kill all who commit such crime.

This Poem is a dedication to the little girl who was robbed off her happiness, a poem to express what the mother of the little girl might have felt with no intention to hurt anyone’s sentiments.


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