I Regret Going Out For Shopping…

I am absolutely crazy about shopping and after becoming a mother I love shopping for my daughter. This time when I went out for shopping, I had an experience that totally ruined it for me. Till the time my daughter was one, shopping was definitely easy. I used to make her lie down calmly in a stroller and we shopped comfortably but now, she runs, not only she simply keeps running everywhere she picks up any thing in her reach and tries to put it on her body… my one and a half year old daughter in an attempt to copy me simply makes it difficult for me to shop anything at all. I can’t try anything, going for exchange is absolutely impossible and this time to be very honest, I got very upset.

I had to buy gifts for everyone, saree for my mother in law and me for Karwa chauth, dresses for Abhitha and a lot more stuff but my daughter was in such a naughty mood She ran everywhere and when I tried to stop her, I had to face the queens tantrums… I simply could not buy anything and came back home empty handed. At first I was upset thinking how naughty Abhitha has become but after a while I realised, it is not Abhitha’s fault. She is a little child who likes to explore and I can’t blame her.

But I had to buy things and I had no one to be with Abhitha while I shop.  My husband offered help but he is not so good at shopping and emotional me did not want to leave Abhitha at home and go out. So, I thought of buying stuff from online shopping websites. To be honest I was skeptical about it. I have bought clothes online a few times but still I wasn’t confident. Previous times when I shopped was because I liked something in particular. This time the reason was comfort.

While Abhitha played, I selected things, I made it a point that I stick either to the brands I am familiar with or products that had good reviews. Best thing was I could compare prices on various sites and I even managed to get some good deals. Diwali gifts-check, sarees-check, Abhinav’s  gift- check, Dresses for my super commando daughter-check. I took two hours to select things for everyone, check the easy return policies and other details and all work done. If I would have gone out shopping there was no way that I could have finished the task within two hours. All I had to do was to check the return policy and reviews properly.

Usually when I go out for shopping I end up crossing my budget… beyond limits and I regret that later. This time, because I could see my cart, check the bill, I successfully managed to stay in budget.

I have received most of the things I had ordered and a few are yet to come. Another good thing was that I was able to save some money as well with all these cashback and offers. Kids’ shopping was a fun experience with separate websites that are made for kids only, babyoye app was amazing and I got cashback as well. All over it was a good experience.

I still believe that going out for shopping, roaming around and selecting things, having snacks in the end and bargaining is fun in its own way but I have realised that it is not possible for me as of now. With a little inquisitive fire cracker by my side, going out to shop seems too difficult. All the work at home and then roaming in the malls seems tiring as well, may be because I have a lot of other tasks to do.

This is the best time of the year. Navaratri, Durga Puja, Dussehra, Karwa chauth, Dhanteras, Diwali, Goverdhan Poojan, Chatt Pujan, Guru Nanak Jayanti, Christmas and Eid (in no particular order)…. I mean can you imagine every year we are blessed to celebrate so many festivals, one after another. Wearing new clothes, gifting joy (gifts of course), enjoying amazing delicacies. This is my favourite time of the year. Because of shopping online I got some time to sleep or to play with my daughter and I am very happy about it.


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