I Wish I Knew The Sex Of My Baby When I Was Pregnant

Sex Determination is not allowed in India, for a very simple reason that still there are people who get this test done just to get rid of the girl child. My intention to know the sex of the child while pregnant was not that. I wished I had known earlier that I was going to have a daughter for these very simple reasons:

(1) Keeping the uninterested ones away: If I would have known that it is a darling daughter while pregnant I would have kept myself away from the people who were secretly detesting a girl child. I would have kept my child away from the pretentious love and negativity that was showered on the unborn child just because they hoped it was a boy.

This reason in no way means that I did not want a boy, I wanted a child and I got one. My love, my happiness would have been the same if it were a boy.

(2) Shopping: Seriously, people think it to be a funny reason but I don’t. If I would have known it is a girl. I would have bought clothes and other accessories meant for girls. Yes, I know for little babies it hardly matters but I love those pink lac socks, sweet peach t shirt, princess towels and wraps, and soft pink head bands. While I was pregnant there were so many things I liked, and I was confused about a batman tshirt and that tiny popeye hoodie. Then there was Cinderella drawn on a baby blanket.

(3) Baby’s Corner: I would have decorated a corner of my room beautifully. Not that I did not but then I had to leave a few things that confused me. Some might say that by selecting pink for a girl and blue for a boy you are creating gender discrimination but right now I am just thinking as an over enthusiastic mom. I have seen my friends who live in different countries decorate a baby’s corner so beautifully with all the cartoons and stuff, I wanted to do it as well.

But then sex determination is illegal in India, just to save millions of lives. I wish, one day and very soon this changes. I wish one day, very soon everyone realises that a boy and a girl child are equal. I wish one day, very soon people realise that a child never discriminates on the basis of his parents’ gender, financial situation, social status or anything else to decide how much he/she has to love his/her parents. I wish one day, very soon everyone understands that when a child does not decide how much to love his/ her parents on the basis of anything then why should parents discriminate.

Then one day, it will be legal in our country to determine the sex of the child, not to choose or kill but to start the preparations for the little angels.


One comment

  1. Well that is something to wait and see. I hope such utopia comes up in our country, if not all over the country, at least in some places !

    Thanks for your share. It helps.


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