Sorting Out Our Lives

My baby is about to turn two and till now I was going with the flow. No matter how much I planned, I could not sort things out. The house, the wardrobes, the tasks, the kitchen, the to dos… Nothing was sorted. I would plan something one day and end up doing something else the next day. Now it is high time to sort out. Read on to know how…


Start from the Wardrobes: Sort out those clothes, that you think you might wear some day, clothes that are old, clothes that you think you are not going to wear in the immediate future. Sort them out, donate the old ones, pack the ones that might be needed only on certain occasion in bags and put them nicely in the separate closet or as I do in bed box 😛
Accessorize the accessories: Yes, these accessories and bags and all those teeny tiny stuff actually takes up a lot of space. But desk organizers and drawer orgnizers are always there to make our life simpler. Want to save money? Use the boxes you already have and small baskets. Tea set boxes with six or eight compartments make for great jewellery boxes. If you are creative, decorate them a bit.
Solve the shoe trouble: If you are like me… crazy about shoes, please sort them as well. Get a nice and spacious shoe rack and if there are any pairs that you don’t use any more please donate.                                                                                     
Manage your Kitchen (scary): The kitchen needs regular sorting. If you have a modular kitchen then it is easier but if not, drawer organizers are a great help. Get some quirky cutlery trays. Start hanging: Yes… hang those aprons, those big spatulas and the pans, and oh yes, the oven mits as well.  Store items by use: Keep the items used more often in the lower rack and the items used occasionally in the upper one. Don’t Mix: Put all plates with same design and size together, don’t put all stuff in one rack and then keep searching for the small glass for the baby. 😛 This is when the organizers help. File Plastic Containers: Instead of putting each plastic container separartely that would obviously take up more space, file them and put their lids separately in a section, or create a lid rack for all the lids. Use Under Cabinet Space: Use the space under cabinets to hang dish towels or other regular stuff.                                                                                                                           Don’t forget the kid’s wardrobe: When I say ‘kids’, I am including the husband as well. Sort their clothes as per use and requirement. Donate the ones not required. Letting go is the mantra. 😛                                                                                                  Arrange the book rack: Create separate spaces for all three/ four/ five of you. The husband’s, the kids’ and yours.
Make creative use of old glasses and mugs: Use old glasses or mugs to keep things like making quirky pen holders, pen drive holders or other regular stuff.
Keep a Diary: If you can manage with the phone’s organizers and planners, well and good. Please download an app and start making lists priority wise and try to accomplish them each day. Initially it would be tiring but once you get used to it, you will love it. If you are old fashioned like me used sticky notes.
Exercise: Early morning walk or exercise will keep you charged all day. I know this is the hard part but trust me it keeps you happy all day.
Take an hour out: This should be your me time. Write, paint, sing, sleep, dance… do whatever you like but do it.         More important than anything else #loveyourself


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