This Year I Resolve To…

  • Never buy clothes and shoes for my daughter in Excess just because they looked cute. Now when I say excess… it is kind of understatement because, last year I have ended up buying a dress for her every weekend. No wonder my husband was furious πŸ˜›

  • Never give up to her tantrums and do everything she wants.

  • Always sleep early (if only she sleeps on time) and wake up early (God please give me strength)

  • Never give in to my urge to buy bags/clothes/shoes etc (no matter what)Okay just one…

  • Never run and take the responsibility and then get overburdened like anything πŸ˜› and seriously that has happened a lot.

  • Drink lots of water, exercise and get back in shape (how much my husband would love this <3)

  • Ignore my nosy neighbours and so called friends and relatives of course, keep myself quiet when they want to get things out of me. (AT any cost) Also, I won’t let anyone take me for granted :/

  • Make a schedule and follow it religiously (somebody with good planning skills kindly help!!!)

  • Write more and better πŸ™‚

  • Be thankful for what I have instead of cribbing or complaining πŸ™‚

I don’t know how many I will be able to keep but I am sure to keep the last one. The year 2015 gave me a lot, my baby is about to turn to next year, we moved to this awesome city – Pune, My new job that helped me realise my dream to be a published author, the love and appreciation I got from my readers, and a lot.

There were times, that were not so good but I learnt something even then and I am thankful to God for His blessings.

Happy New Year!


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