Are You Suffering From The Bad Bahu Syndrome?

To my English speaking friends: I am asking if you are suffering from the bad daughter in law syndrome.

Oh, so you believe in gender equality? You put your self esteem above unjustified tantrums? You simply refuse to give in to the age old so called ‘traditions’ made for people’s own comforts? Well, it is pretty obvious that you are suffering from a big disorder – The Bad Bahu Syndrome.

Yes, my dear friend, up until now your father might have spent every single second of his life to bring out that sense of self respect and strength in you but you must “must” forget about it right before you get married. Get ready to eat after men even when you are more hungry, get ready to see people pushing forward their empty plates right in front of you when you are still eating, for you are the bahu so the responsibility of picking up everyone’s empty plate is yours.


You are suffering from the bad bahu syndrome if you decide to change the things that have been happening in your new family and you think are too wrong and against your principles. One of the major symptoms can be the desire to say no to spending all your time in the kitchen during festivals. What! You want to celebrate too then who will make hot kachories, and poories and gulab jamuns? Oh so you made all this, and reach for the celebration. Feel like a winner? NO.. you are not dressed as per family’s standards. Where is that heavy saree and jewellery that will make everyone understand how much you enjoy your life? Get ready for the stares.


You are a serious case if you share some little things with a member and that person decides to spill the beans with some extra flavour and spices.


You decide to work and expect people to understand that the compulsions and rules in office are same for you as they are for your husband. Well… hell no.. bahus must take work form home, leave, short leave, sudden leave as and when required. Just put that ghunghat mode on and wish it to turn into an invisible cloak.



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