I Don’t Want My In-Laws To Watch TV

NO, seriously these serials have created a big trouble for me. They have raised unrealistic expectations that I totally fail to fulfill.


So both my father in-law and mom-in-law are fond of watching serials. At this age I seriously understand that they need some kind of entertainment and I have no problem with that. My problem is with the serials that are telecasted.
There is one girl in a serial who has six moms-in-law…??!!?!? I mean, come on! Please give me an example where one daughter in law lives with six moms in-law – chachi saas, bua saas, mausi saas and blah blah blah. Then there was one serial in which a woman was occupied by a spirit of another mom and I just don’t know what happened next.

How I know about all this, you ask? Well I get live commentary about all this. I don’t stay with my in-laws but whenever we are together, serials are one important topic.

The portrayal of totally unrealistic characters in these serials raise exceptionally superficial expectations for us, no independent woman in India is like them, they make some strange sacrifices. A cunning mom-in-law in a serial tells her daughter-in-law not to make any relations with her son because if that happens her son will die and the daughter-in-law obeys without even telling it once to her husband… Strange, right? Please love that poor soul or else he would actually die :P. Superstition plus stupidity is catered by most of these serials.

I am not saying that serials are bad or something, I just want them to show some realistic characters with whom we can relate.
The portrayal of so-called bahus is sometimes so troublesome, they would wear heavy sarees, and jewellery making my simple pair of  Jeans and T-shirt look evil in front of elders. Silly fights, hiding things from husbands and what not.
Till now we were worried about the fact that television sometimes negatively influences our kids, but now we are worried how negatively it is influencing our elders too. If somebody is listening, I request – please show realistic characters. No woman would leave her job to stay at home against her wish just to please others, in fact no woman should do anything against her wishes. Stop showing women, especially, daughter-in-laws as the sacrificing members of the family.

I might be considered bad but I will always try to find a solution that can work well for everyone instead of just sacrificing every single time.



  1. I can so relate to you. Even my in laws don’t stay together but when they are here television is on most of the time. Even I don’t understand why they so such stupid things in serial, can’t they show some realistic stuff?

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