Every Mom Can Relate To This . . . Obviously to Laugh

Being a Mom is a serious job… but then it is the highest paying job in the world. You get paid with lots of hugs, kisses, love and mmmuuaahs from the baby. But then there is a lot of crying, waking up at nights pee pee, poo poo and what not.

Why not just have a good laugh at the most adventurous and beautiful life of a mother.

When you are finally able to find that perfect pair of jeans that hides the tummy, and makes you look great!

giphy (2).gif

When you decide to make something yummy yet healthy for the baby and you are worried if the baby would be in a mood to even open his mouth.

giphy (3).gif

When one day… one day the baby sleeps early and you get a chance to eat peacefully.


And then you suddenly hear the baby cry and you run…. run like anything πŸ˜›

giphy (1).gifΒ Β only to see that the baby only made a little noise while sleeping πŸ™‚


When you finally decide to clean all those stains and spills.


And then you decide that no matter how much you clean, it is always going to be like this πŸ™‚ because your angel loves to play ❀


When people keep judging your style of parenting but you are a cool mom, who knows what she is doing.


Well, dear Mom.. keep it up for you are doing a great job!



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