You Stood By Me When I Failed As A Mother

The Priviledged Parent

I wonder what exactly it means to be on the same page with your partner? What does parenting from the same page mean? Does it mean that we share each others’ responsibilities or does it mean dividing the responsibilities or does it simply mean understanding each others’ responsibilities? You stood by me when I failed as a mother.

I guess it is an amalgam of all. We have to divide our responsibilities yet we need to be ready to share each others’ task if need arises and at the same time understand when one of us faces a problem while handling the baby.

Yes, being on the same page as parents means supporting each other not just when we are doing good as a parent but when we make a mistake and we need confidence to make a come back.

When my daughter was born, I could see disappointment on…

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One comment

  1. You haven’t failed , Swati. When you are able to share on a public platform a mistake you made as a parent , you have proved you will always be a successful parent going forward and will always support your daughter.


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