I Don’t Want My In-Laws To Watch TV

The Priviledged Parent

NO, seriously these serials have created a big trouble for me. They have raised unrealistic expectations that I totally fail to fulfill.

So both my father in-law and mom-in-law are fond of watching serials. At this age I seriously understand that they need some kind of entertainment and I have no problem with that. My problem is with the serials that are telecasted.
There is one girl in a serial who has six moms-in-law…??!!?!? I mean, come on! Please give me an example where one daughter in law lives with six moms in-law – chachi saas, bua saas, mausi saas and blah blah blah. Then there was one serial in which a woman was occupied by a spirit of another mom and I just don’t know what happened next.

How I know about all this, you ask? Well I get live commentary about all this. I don’t stay with my…

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