What Does Your Sun Sign Tell About Your Parenting Style

Every mother is different and sometimes our sun signs influence our style of parenting. This read is for fun, just to see if our sun sign mother traits match to how we think we are.


Aries Mommy: An Aries Mom is strict and reliable. She is the kind who would wake up with her child at four in the morning to follow a planned routine. She is always well planned and ambitious. Her honest feedback might sometimes hurt her child but her feedbacks are always appreciated and are helpful and her children respect her for that. One word to make her excited is competition. She is always ready to be there for her kids not just providing moral support but also executing the whole plan to achieve success.

Only thing an Aries Mom needs to do is Keep Calm.
Tip for kids: Stay away when Mom is upset.

Taurus Mommy:  A hard working Mom with unconditional love and support. She can effortlessly manage kids on a daily basis. She is busy, always busy doing something for her kids. If she is not picking them up from school, she would be attending their performance, cheering for them and she would be simply present everywhere her kids need her presence. She is an extremely affectionate and protective mother. Only thing is that she sometimes fails to express it. It might seem to her kids sometimes that she is not appreciative but that’s wrong. It is just that she fails to put her emotions into words sometimes.

Only thing a Taurus mother needs to learn is to be more understanding and less controlling.
Tip for kids: Mom is strict because she wishes the best of everything for you.

Gemini Mommy:  A kid at heart, a Gemini mom is fun and trendy. She is updated with all the new trends and is a lively personality. She is a great teacher and never hesitates to answer numerous questions asked by her curious kids. She would be patient enough to answer all the questions and make the learning process more enjoyable. Educating children as much as possible is a high priority in the eyes of this Gemini parent! Because a Gemini mother wants to be more like a friend than a mother her children grow up to be testing her authority all the time, making it difficult to ensure that they are on the right path. The Gemini mother personality traits show she exposes her children to the worries and troubles of adulthood, leading them to realize too soon that their mother is not as strong as they thought.

Tip for the kids: Value your mom for you have a got your best friend in her.

Cancer Mommy:  Family means everything to a cancer mother and she will do everything to keep them happy. She is the perfect mother figure who will be in love with every moment in motherhood. She would do every single thing for her kids from smallest of chores to the bigger ones. She would let them know that she loves them the most all the time. Her biggest fear is that someday when her little pumpkins would grow up they would not need her for every small thing. But she needs to realize that she has to let them learn to do these things for themselves. Also her over protective nature can sometimes make her kids a little too much dependent on her. A little bit of balance can work wonders for her and her kids as well.

Tip for the kids: Give your mom some rest, even if she says no.

Leo Mommy:  Stern and harsh on the outside and extremely warm and lovable inside, that’s what a leo mom is. A Leo mom is compassionate and can be easily pleased. A Leo mother is caring and commanding, possessive and passionate at the same time. A Leo mom shows extreme faith in her child and providing him with best of everything. It is now up to the child to maintain that confidence. A Leo mom is full of life and keeps her kids engaged in a lot of activities along with academics. While you are gracious to acknowledge the admirable feats of your offspring, you are not prepared to condone the failures of your child. Only thing a Leo mother needs to understand is to keep her expectations to herself and not force them too much on her kids.

Tip for the kids: Present mom a nice bouquet on mother’s day, she would be happy like a child.

Virgo Mommy:  The love for a clean and tidy house makes a Virgo Mommy bring up her children with a systematic approach. Some common traits of a Virgo Mommy is rationality, realism, cleverness, attentiveness and tolerance. A devoted mother as she is, she would do everything to provide a healthy and hygienic environment to her kids. A Virgo mother is always there to provide emotional or academic support. She will always impart good behavior and good habits in her child.
Sometimes her love for clean habits makes her child feel a little suffocating. She is honest and so the best critic for her kids but that can be negative sometimes.

Tip for the kids: Any gift that can save your Mom’s time is a good gift for her.

Libra Mommy:  Now, this is one lovely extravagant mother. A good role model for her kids as well as a best friend. She is artistic and patient and knows how to make her kids learn something. A Libra mother knows how precious childhood is and so makes it even more fun with all the extravaganza. Not only does she keep her kids happy and provides them everything. She is also a great romantic role model as she keeps her husband on priority as well. She is loving and affectionate but shares her love with those who are really close to her, definitely her family. While it is great that she wants the best for her family, she needs to make sure her children are learning valuable life lessons and survival skills by earning everything they want.

Tip for the kids: Cooperate with your mom whenever she needs you.

Scorpio Mommy:  She is one difficult woman. She is strong, independent and free. She is possessive of her kids and loves them the most. She would shower them with extreme affection. She is religious and spiritual and nurtures her child without any difficulty. She would show her affection with a lot of unexpected gifts as she likes to surprise. She would use all her energies to shield her kids from everything evil. She is a dictator though 😛 she wants things to go as she wants and that sometimes comes between her and her kids. She is also too emotional and needs to let her kids stay away from the emotional turmoil as that can have lasting impression on her kids.

Tip for the kids: Gift mom a plant, a beautiful plant.

Sagittarius Mommy:
  Truthful and funny, a Sagittarius mom is a sweetheart. Your child will be exposed to various types of social circles by you. You will encourage your child to be extremely independent like yourself. Instead of giving a sermon to your kid, you enrich their wisdom by asking simple questions about new objects. The Sagittarius mother characteristics also show that in her over-enthusiasm, she should not push her child into some activities which the child does not like or incapable of. The Sagittarius mother characteristics show that when you have fun with others, you make sure that your child also will have fun.

Tip for the kids: Make an album of mom’s favourite songs.

Capricorn Mommy: A practical mom who makes sure that her family is financially secure and protected in every other way. She would not be a dreamy mother instead would make her kids aware of the realities of life right from the beginning. All your efforts are directed towards upholding the family prestige and keep your parents happy with your achievements in life. Your child will learn from your actions and will have deference for senior family members. The Capricorn female will try to take all the responsibilities and is generally serious about her work. You should stop worrying about minor things and should not make your child feel that life is harsh. You may be attached and affectionate with your child, but your original stubborn nature will be unforgiving if the child makes a mistake.

Tip for the kids: Take Papa’s help and gift mom some delicate jewellery.

Aquarius Mommy: The child is really blessed to have an Aquarius Mother personality. You keep the child happy and make him feel important without being highly demonstrative. You are friendly and jovial with your child and all his companions. The Aquarius mom is chatty and is fond of excitement. You are fond of traveling to new places. You like to try out new things and discover new things on your own. Creativity and cleverness are part of the basic Aquarius mother personality traits. As a mother you will not let your child to be Mamma’s boy or girl and give the child full liberty to discover the secrets of life on their own and face the realities of life.
In times of difficulties, the child will not be in a position to decide the course of action on his own. You should make the child understand his limitations and take command when required. This will make the child feel safe and protected.

Tip for the kids: Respect the liberty that mom gives you.

Pisces Mommy: The Pisces woman proudly awaits the arrival of her child and will be obsessed with the presence of the child. Being compassionate, you bestow your child with limitless love.
The Pisces mother personality traits show you are there to hail the child over his triumphs as well as to support him in times of failure. You are highly emotional and cannot bear to see your child in pain. You find it difficult to correct your child when required and the child will turn out as a spoiled brat. The Pisces mother traits show your child will be taught to dance with you and will be escorted to cultural events. Your emphasis on presenting everything artistically will be picked up by your child automatically.
he Pisces mother traits show if you are not open with your child, the child will reason it out and tries to keep away from you. You will be admired by your child if you are truthful to him always. The Pisces mother characteristics show your child should be kept away from adult talk and the child should be taught to take responsibility for his mistakes instead of blaming others.

Tip for the kids: Make a card for your mom.

***These observations are simply a compilation of what I have read on different places and is meant for fun.


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