Who Exactly Is India’s Competition

The situation between #IndiaPakistan is not new to us. We all know the current situation and to be honest I am so proud of the Indian Army. I know I am safe in my country because of the Indian Army. I trust our government and more that that I trI recently read this headline ‘India Up 16 Places In Competitiveness Index, Pak Ranks Last In South Asia’

India up 16 places . . . great but why do we need to keep a check as to how good or bad Pakistan is doing? Is Pakistan our competition in any way? Is it even closer to us when it comes to economic, educational or social growth?

Sometimes to me it looks the same when if we scored low in exams, we would tell ourselves that at least we passed, the other guy has failed. As if this is some kind of consolation. It should not be. Our competition should be the nation that’s on the top. Pakistan as a nation that supports terrorism is not a competition it might be a nuisance to the entire world because it openly supports terrorism but competition . . . No.

The Victorious Indian Army Jawans of 18 Grenadiers rejoicing with the National Flag in their hands after recapturing the Tiger Hill in Drass sector of Jammu and Kashmir. Express archive photo on 18.07.1999

We really need to shed this practice to competing with something so substandard.

Another headline that left me thinking was this: Four Pakistani Teenagers Arrested For Gangrape Of A Boy In Greek Refugee Camp

This headline seems like any other news but what caught my attention was the subheading given to introduce this news: ‘Meanwhile in Pakistan’ followed by some emojis.

This is where the problem lies. The number of crime incidents or the kind of crime that happens in Pakistan should not be of any use to us and it should definitely not bring some kind of relief to us. Pakistan supporting terrorism, or taking actions to harm India should be of our concern.

As a nation we are big enough to not to feel good about crime happening their. Our concern is the safety of our nation and the thought that we need to support and trust both our government and army.

Two things: Pakistan is not our competition and our benchmark or our goal should not only be to outshine Pakistan but the top best country. Second, crime and misery of common people of one nation should not bring relief to us.



  1. agree with your post it is great but one thing you forget to say that is kashmir, where your army is commiting atrocities and raping kashmiri girls. If you speak about your peace and welfare you must speak for others too Why don’t you protest agaisnt you governament to leaves kashmir and declares it a free state, God bless you


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