I Am That Mom

Selfless mother, forgiving mother, loving mother . . . I might have some qualities to be that but then I have certain qualities that make me that Mom. Yes, I am ‘That Mom’ . . .


  • who hides chocolates from her child to eat later peacefully.


  • who does not want to wake up in the morning but then realises that if she would not send her child to school then the little one is going to drive her crazy all day, and so, I get up as if my behind was on fire and get the little one ready for school.


  • who hides a piece of cake for herself to gorge on later when everyone else is asleep.


  • who covers her head with a blanket just to eat the last candy that she does not want to share with her husband.


  • who wishes that her child sleeps until she finishes eating.


  • who clearly tells her husband to take the baby with him in case he decides he wants to go out alone even on weekend for she feels she deserves some alone time as well.


  • who still divides the candies in three equal shares and yet hides one extra for herself.


  • who relaxes first for a while, takes her own sweet time to have her coffee peacefully and then think about the household chores.


  • who asks the baby to go play with papa just so that she can play for a while on her phone.


You can judge me all you want but I know that there is nothing wrong in it. A little love for myself is not going to make me a bad mom. In fact, I think I am a cool mom. When I secretly eat that candy and my daughter finds me doing so, I happily break it into two pieces and then break mine into even smaller two pieces to give a share to my husband. We are like three friends living together. No one is more privileged than the other and each one is very very special. We take care of each other, make each other smile, share our hidden candies with each other when needed. First it was I and my husband who used to count how many Rasgullas each one has eaten, and now our daughter has joined the bandwagon. She always wants the last bite of everything. (Mind you the ones my in laws get from Mathura’s Famous Brijwasi Sweets, they melt like dreams)


I can be a Mom, a mom that the society’s norms approve but I don’t want to be. I am that mom who is her daughter’s friend first. Why do I need to change when this is working fine for me and my daughter? Pillow fights, candy fights, fights for the remote control make us laugh, and when I see my husband, my daughter laughing whenever they catch me eating that extra candy and ask for their share, I do feel like a mom, I do feel that this laughter should never stop. And so I will always be ‘that mom’.


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