Romance – Is It Even Possible With A Toddler In House?

So, we gave up the idea of having some alone time after numerous failed attempts. See, I am not talking about “Love making” that is altogether a different thing. I am talking about romance. This little girl has literally snatched away my husband, she has captured him like he is her fort or prince or something.

Last night we were watching a movie, it was the first movie that we had watched together when we were dating, my daughter was busy making her doll sleep, so I moved closer towards my husband, held his hand, put my head on his shoulder and just when our eyes met I heard, ‘Hato peeche, hato naaa!’ Yes, it was my daughter, she made me move back, took my place, held her father with both her tiny hands and then looked at me like a bully and said, ‘Mene papa hai!’ and then she looked at my husband and asked for his confirmation, ‘Mene hai na?’ and he kisses her forehead to assure her that he is all hers.

And this happens all the time:

Before actually sleeping or making her sleep, we just go to our bedroom sit, talk as she keeps herself engaged in looking at the pictures in her books. I look at her and seeing that she is all engrossed in her book, I get closer to my husband for some cuddle time but no . . . she comes back again and occupies the tiny space between me and my husband forcefully moving her bum in between and holding him and reminding me again that he is only hers. ‘Mene papa hai, jao jao, jao na’, she says to me and obviously I have to get up or else I would fall off the bed as I am already pushed to the corner of the bed.

Sometimes, when I am in the kitchen and she is busy playing, my husband comes to me, just to talk or for a hug. We get those two seconds of closeness and then enters the vamp 😛 (just kidding) ‘Papa! Papa! Chalo na’ she would hold his hand and take him to play with her.

Sometimes when I have to call out to my husband I say, ‘Suno’ instead of taking his name just like that. Madam heard me and now she uses that to call him, ‘Shuno, shuno! Shuno naaa papa!’ That’s how she calls him sometimes deliberately and then looks at me and smiles.

I was talking to my mother and was all bitchy(in a fun way) about my daughter, ‘Mummy, she has taken over my husband. We can’t hug, sit together or do something’ Obviously enough, my mother laughed, ‘Teri beti hai (After all she is your daughter)’ was her reply and I was all confused. Then she reminded me what I had done to her! Every karwa chauth my father used to bring some gifts for my mother but because he was mine and I was his dear darling, he had to bring gifts for me also and even then he had to hide my mother’s gift from me or else I would take that as well. She reminded that I have done the same with her and it’s time for a pay back. ‘Ab pata chalega tujhe (Now you will know)’ were her words before we finally ended our call.

To be honest, I love this little girl, I love how she jumps in between us and lies down and holds her father and kisses his cheeks, I love how she expresses her ownership over him. In fact this continuous effort of ours to find a second to hug, kiss or cuddle without getting her attention somehow makes things even more romantic. My little girl has definitely brought us closer. I am glad that she loves her father so much because he is the kind of man that is good enough to set standards as to what she should expect in future.


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