When I Decided To Interview An Ordinary Stay At Home Mom

I see her every day, sending her kids to school, to staying at home, bringing them back from school and then taking them out to play… a regular ordinary stay at home mom. An ordinary woman, is there anything special about her or is she just a normal not so special mother.

🙂 I wanted to find out. I have had a full time job, and then a work from home option where I worked 9 to 6 as my daughter either spent that time with the nanny or went to the day care. So, technically, I had “work” to do when I was at home. Why I have quoted the word “Work”? You will know why.

1. Me: Tell me something about your schooling and education.
Her: I did my schooling from Sophia School, Mount Abu. I Have Masters in Art and Painting, I have done Jewellery Designing and Travel and Tourism course as well.
2. Did you ever “work”? (The questions were deliberately planned this way)
Her: Yes, I have worked in a school in my hometown in Gujarat.
3. Me: That’s it?
Her: Yes. I also tried to teach in a play school but it was difficult for me to see little kids cry. So, I left it.
4. That’s it? That’s all you have “worked”?
Her: Yes
What should I say? Do you think this is the only work that she has done in her life? A few more questions and I was able to let her know the work she does.
Me: So, who handles finance, banking and investment in your house?
Her(Quite carelessly): Oh, both of us handle that. I am equally involved in all the decisions we make.
Me: Along with the kids and the house?
Her: Yes.
Me: I have often seen you working around and directing the maintenance staff in the society. What’s with that?
Her: I handle a lot of departments in the society. I try my best to check if anyone in the society needs any kind of help or assistance.
Me: So, any plans?
Her: I am thinking of running for the society’s secretary position.
Me: (deliberately asking again) So, that’s all you do? You are currently “not working”?
Her: No, I am not working. But I would like to.
Me: Why?
Her: That would give me a feeling that I am ‘working’.
Me: Tell me something about your husband.
Her: He is my best friend and my source of support.
Me: Post delivery, I struggled with depression. Did you experience anything after becoming a mother?
Her: I did and it took time to come out of it.
Me: How did you manage?
Her: I learnt not to compare myself with others. Not earning doesn’t make me less than anyone in any respect. Still I have that urge to work for myself and earn. At the same time, I don’t want to compromise with my kids’ upbringing.
Me: Your daughters are brilliant. Do you teach them or they get tuitions?
Her: No tuitions. They study on their own. I don’t help them with everything. They are self-taught and they have learnt to figure out things themselves unless I feel they need my help.
Yet, they say she is just an ordinary ‘housewife’ ‘stay at home mom’. She is managing not just her house but our society, her kids are brilliant, two smart little girls, she handles finance and investment, she is an ordinary ‘stay at home mom’.
I asked her what she likes to do as in her talent and she said, ‘I can manage everything, like a boss. I like sketching’ I asked if I could see some of her sketches and she said I can browse through her facebook page. While searching for the sketches I came across some beautiful photographs and I called her.
Me: Did you click these photographs?
Her: Yes.
Me: Do you like photography? You didn’t say anything about it.
Her: I enjoy it. I just thought they are ordinary photographs, nothing special about them.
I won’t say much but simply share some of her photographs. My point with this interview was to have a look into the life of a stay at home mom to see what her life is like and what I found was one talented photographer. I am going to ask her if she could shoot a portfolio for me and child because her lense is supported by the eyes of a mom.
She is one talented woman and it’s the same for a lot of us, who have somehow forgotten about our talents and hobbies. No woman is ordinary, we all have that light within us.
Update: This interview was taken in October or November. As of now she is the secretary of our society, is taking yoga classes that too free of cost just to help all of us and giving me cooking lessons to cope up with my fussy eater. Talk about multitasking!

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