Different Types of Moms in Mommy Groups

My husband thinks the Mom groups I follow also has something to do with all my wierd thoughts 😛 because when I share a news with him, he asks me where did I read it and when I tell him that I read it on XYZ mommy group and he is like, ‘You guys share this on a Mommy Group.’ And I being in love with all the groups I am a part of reply, ‘We share everything.’

Anyways like him, a lot of us should know the different types of Moms we find in these Mommy Groups: DISCLAIMER: I love all my groups and please take this in good humour coz it’s meant to be like that.

  1. The Asker: Now, we have this Mom, a few of them, who are either new moms or need advice about something or other. The other day I opened facebook and the first image on my timeline was that of a baby’s poop. Yes, yellowish green lump on diaper and a zoomed in pic with a question from a concerned mom. No wonder she was really worried and that’s why she had posted the picture asking if it was healthy baby’s poop. Now, I think if any other group had this picture people might have reacted differently but this was a mom who was worried and Moms understand so we answered and assured her that her baby is fine.                     1
  2. Miss Know It All: This sweet lady has experienced almost everything because no matter what question is being asked this mom would be there to answer. I personally feel that this mother gives hope because being a mom it is difficult to take time out for oneself but she manages to help as much as she can.  2.gif
  3. The Fighter: Now, some might not agree but I have seen quite a few instances where some Moms simply make a judgement and impose it on the person asking question or sharing something. I know sometimes this judgement comes out of concern but there are some who get a little too strong with their opinion. And since there is a bully, there is our next type.                                   3.gif
  4. The Admin: This mom is the one who had this noble idea of starting the group and she comes to forefront when something goes wrong. This little soul would share the rules again and again and again and would even become target to bullying herself and then the group shows the unity standing up for the admin. And then there are times when the Admins get really strict and I think it is important to maintain the quality of the group.  police3.gif
  5. The Seller: A lot of mommy groups allow moms to showcase their products or talent within the group and that’s why we get to know about different varieties of silks and sarees. Oh, I love this mom because no matter what I am doing looking at clothes to buy is my hobby since childhood.                               5.gif
  6. The Buyer: Obviously enough, we have some moms whose first comment on any product is ‘PP’ you know, Price please. Buying or not buying we want to know the price. I love these moms as well because I really get to know the price of the product without asking.        6
  7. The Invisible Members: Yes, they are very much present there but they don’t ask, they don’t even answer much, they just keep an eye 😛 Just Kidding. These moms are very much a part of every Mommy Group and you suddenly see their comment on something and you will be like, ‘Okay! You are also here.’ I think these are also somewhat shy moms like the next one.           7.gif
  8. The Shy Mom: These moms sometimes face very difficult situation and come out to ask for help through the admin. Moms sincerely understand and answer their questions and I feel this is the best part of creating a Mommy Group.      8.gif
  9. The Blogger: This one loves to write and every comment or like makes her sooo happy. So she keeps on sharing her good articles and even not so good articles with fellow moms to share her experiences with new moms, to raise awareness about something or to just bring a smile on all her mommy friends’ faces.           9.gif
  10. The Reader: I love you because very time you like or comment on my blog I say to myself, ‘This person does not know me, she isn’t my friend still she took time out to read it and liked it, I must be doing good in that case.’ SO you go girl! Keep Reading J10.gif

I honestly feel that each Mommy Group on FB that I follow and even all other Mommy Groups are doing a great job when it comes helping moms. Mothers share their real life experiences and that’s the beauty of these groups, moms share their victories, their mistakes and we all learn from each other. The admins are definitely working very hard and we are extremely thankful to you guys.



  1. hahah this was a good one. Yes i totally find the PP people so annoying. Even if u are actually not selling anything and have just posted a pic of something u wore or bought they will comment PP. Lol.


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