Things An Expecting Mother Never Thought She Would Ever Do

Before I became a mother there were so many things that I had never done or even thought that I would ever do. I had always planned the kind of mother I wanted to be, not to mention I failed miserably, not as mom but just with those ‘plans’. The thing is when we actually become a parent, only then we are able to understand and figure out ways to handle situations.

The other day we were playing a game (I and some of my friends over wine) ‘Never Have I Ever’ where we admitted the crazy things we might have done. It was fun but it became real fun when I started with my questions. I just changed the title to ‘Never Had I Ever Thought’ Since all of us are mothers, we could relate well to those questions, at the same time having a hearty laugh. So, I decided to share a few questions with fellow Moms just so you could have fun too.

  • Never Had I Ever Thought that I would pee with an audience: Yeah! There is nothing I can do about it. I live alone as in without in laws. This means it’s just I, my husband and my baby and just I and my baby during the day. SO in case I have to pee, I really can’t lock the door. She is simply not bothered where I am but when I have to pee that every second she just cries as if I have left her all alone :/ a
  • Never Had I Ever Thought that I would scroll though poop galleries on Google and check my baby’s diaper full of potty just to make sure that she is fine. Oh! Don’t you tell me that you haven’t done that ever. It started off when my daughter was just a week old, my nights involved searching for healthy poop on the internet 😛 And no it’s not gross.
  •  b.gif
  • Never Had I Ever Thought that I would take the food puked or even my baby’s vomit right in my hands in case of emergency because those are the time when we can’t even think of anything else but just to be there for the baby. But yes, when you think about it later, it does feel a little gross.   c.gif
  • Never Had I Ever Thought that I could get ready to go out using just one hand that involves makeup, changing dress, applying nail paint. Why just one hand? Because the other one is trying to hold the baby when it is still small, and when it becomes a toddler then the other hand works as a barrier to protect my things from her.  d
  • Never Had I Ever Thought that I could shop, eat, cook, wash clothes, fold clothes with just one hand.                  e.gif
  • Never Had I Ever Thought that I would clean toys, feed baby, feed papa, clean toys again, wash my baby’s poop (every single time) before I could finally eat. eatplate.gif
  • Never Had I Ever Thought I would wipe someone else’s eye goop, nose and take out small goop from her nose with utter sincerity as if that’s the mission of my life. f.gif
  • Never Had I Ever Thought that I would go out shopping and come back with bags full of clothes and shoes but not a single thing for me. Yes, I mean seriously, even when any of friends used to ask me to just accompany her for shopping I always ended up with buying things for myself and now that I am a mom I shop a lot but I don’t know how I end up buying everything just for the baby.     g.gif
  • Never Had I Ever Thought that I could sleep even with my eyes open or just on the corner of the bed without even falling once. I guess that’s my superpower. I can take up even the smallest of spaces and still not fall down.         h.gif
  • Never Had I Ever Thought I could complete more than five  household tasks before finally hitting the bed.  giphy (1).gif

I might not have thought I would do these things but I can’t deny that I still love my life and if given a chance I would change absolutely nothing. Please add more things to the list so that we could play more next time J


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