Mother – Through the Eyes of a Toddler

A mother is the epitome of love and sacrifice, a mother loves unconditionally, a mother lives for her kids and a lot more. This is what we read, write, think and believe. This might also be what the grown up kids think about their parents. Have you ever thought what your toddler thinks of you? Have you ever got a chance to see how your little one sees you? Recently I got a chance to experience it and to be honest I was pleasantly surprised. It was like standing right in front of the mirror but only difference was that the reflection was much cuter, you know why? Because it was my daughter. As she is growing up, role playing, I feel, has become one of her favourite games. Some days she becomes the teacher, some days she even wants to be the maushi and some days she wants to be Mummy.

Listed below are the few things I felt my daughter thinks her mother to be:

  1. Someone who makes everyone sleep: One night as I was reading a story to her, I don’t know why but she wanted to change places. ‘Aap leto main padhungi, Main mummy hun na’ (You lie down I will read to you, I am mummy) I looked at her, I was too tired to resist so I simply lied down. She was in full swing, I guess. She asked me to put my head in her lap, told me some broken lines of the story, her own version and the next thing I know was that she put her little right palm on my head and left one on my chest and gently patted. I looked at her and smiled and she said, ‘Eyes close karo, Main mummy hun na’ (Close your eyes, I am mummy). I can’t express how I felt – happy, emotional, nostalgic (thinking about my mom) but the best emotion was Proud. Yes, I felt proud that my daughter thinks that her mother is the one who can make her sleep and calm.  Image result for tired mom making baby sleep gifRelated image
  2. Someone who loves everyone: Once while I was cooking, I noticed that she had been silent for more than fifteen minutes and that’s a warning sign because it means that she is up to something. As I went in the other room to see what she was doing, I noticed she was lying on the bed with all her teddies around her, she kissed each one of them and said, ‘ Aapko pataa hai mummy aapko bahut pyaar karti hain’ (You know na mummy loves you a lot) Something that I often tell her.  IMG_20170203_205353.jpg
  3. Someone who takes care of everyone: This one was with her father, she made him sit in her old bathtub, the small one that we use for kids and then pretend to bathe him as my poor husband tried his best to escape but then gave in to her games. ‘Main mummy hun na, aap baby ho. Nahaan nahaan karo’ (I am mummy, you are baby, take a bath). Later she pretended to apply lotion on the fake wound and said, ‘Aapko taa taa ho gyi, koi baat nahi main theek kar dungi’ (you got hurt, don’t worry I will heal it) and then kissed him. IMG_20161218_135127.jpg
  4. Someone who does all the work in the house and outside: Whenever she pretends to be mummy, she would cook, clean something or the other, arrange her toy rack, or simply pick up a bag and pretend to go shopping. She would come to me and say, ‘AApko apple chahiye, main le k aaungi bahar se aapke liye’ (You want apples, I will buy them for you).                   IMG_20161220_184916.jpg
  5. Someone who can scold everyone: I love this one. Whenever she pretends to be mummy, she thinks that she can scold everyone including her Papa. ‘Aise kyu bola aapne, aise koi bolta hai, batao’ (Why did you say so? Does anyone talk like that, tell me?) Obviously I like it because it makes me understand that she does know that only Mummy can scold everyone and everyone listens to mummy and only J (devil’s smile) Mummy has the authority to do so. c
  6. Someone who reads and writes a lot: She would sit in front of the laptop and pretend to type like me, or read a book like me, i.e. lying on the sofa with legs resting on the table. She would pretend call someone and talk just the way I do, ‘Haan, haan, ok, theek hai, theek hai, na nai’ (Some words she has picked up from me).                         10
  7. Someone who loves make up: Oh I love make up! Totally. She knows it. She pretends to copy the way I do my make up, pouting and stuff, applying blush and I love it. She looks in the mirror and twirls just like me and I just feel so so good. IMG_20130427_172146-1.jpg

I am not sure if she would remember how she used to see me as she would grow up but as of now, I feel good that even at such young age my little daughter for that matter every little kid is able to see the many roles their mothers take up. Elders might ignore but out little kids know that a mother is one word for all the roles a person can possibly take up. There have been days when I feel totally unappreciated for everything I do and then there are moments like these that make me feel that everything I do is worth doing because my baby knows what I do for her.


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