Baby Dove Rich Moisture Baby Bar

If I would have to say one complement that has always made me smile then it would be about my skin. A lot of people have complemented me saying that my skin is very nice. It feels good. I mean, considering the fact that I am not the kind who gets regular facials or pays a whole lot of attention to my skin, this complement comes as a surprise and if I owe this complement to someone then it would be my mother and Dove. I have been using Dove since years and when I came to know that Dove is introducing Baby Dove Rich Moisture Baby Bar I knew I have to try it out.


It is a welcome change in baby care products. It is soft and mild to the baby’s skin and definitely brings with it the promise it has kept for years. It is by far the best moisturising bar. My baby does not let me use moisturiser on her face and after the first wash with Baby Dove Bar, she did not even needed it. Her cheeks were the softest ever.


Baby Dove Rich Moisture Baby Bar has a hypoallergenic and pH neutral formula that’s ophthalmologist, dermatologist and pediatrician tested too. The Baby Bar replenishes baby’s skin with essential nutrients lost during bathing.


With every other bar, my daughter’s skin was losing its natural moisture and no matter how much moisturiser I used her cheeks looked dry. With a pH neutral formula and enriched with ¼ moisturising cream, the baby bar keeps my baby’s skin feeling extra soft. It is hypoallergenic and all at a mere Rs27 for a 50gm bar. Isn’t that amazing.


On baby’s skin

My daughter’s skin is nourished and moisturised well just after the first wash. She keeps running after having a bath and it is difficult for me to put on moisturiser sometimes and Baby Dove kind of fulfils that needs as it provides enough moisture to my baby’s skin. Her skin feels softer than earlier and it is not cosmetic, it is just her natural body moisture that Baby Dove Bar is helping her skin to retain. I am happy that my baby can have a soft, gentle and damage free bath considering how much she loves her bath time.


On Features:

So my little one is something more than naughty after all she is just two and a half year old. So you know, when she eats something, it’s all over her, when she plays in the garden, it is not possible that she would not roll in the grass and fall and run and fall down again. With Dove Baby Bar, I was happy that it is effective in cleaning, forms enough foam and at the same time is really moisturising and nourishing. The fragrance is delicate, neither too strong nor too dull. It was funny to see my princess smell it again and again and say, ‘Achi hai na!’ Plus it is mild on skin and did not cause any kind of irritation to the eyes or skin. Psst… I tried it too on my face and it is so soft and gentle.


On Packaging and Design:

The 50gm bar is easy to hold and use. My daughter says, ‘I will bathe myself’ for she thinks she is a grown up like like Mummy and thankfully the Baby Dove bar does not just slips from her hands and she can actually use it herself. It is packaged in a nice box like all Dove bars and obviously brings with it the quality product it has always been.


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