When Moms, Johnson and Johnson and, BabyChakra Came Together

That moment when people who are the best for the baby come together and have an open and detailed discussion to share what is best for a baby.18518097_10155228904714534_3641039024819693932_o

You know when we smell a baby, we already know what we are expecting, it’s that delicate smell of Johnson and Johnson baby powder. Since so many years, a new born baby’s smell was synonymous to Johnson and Johnson; someone became parents and first thing we bought was that big Johnson and Johnson Kit but recently a lot of things changed. We kept reading this news about their powder causing cancer and people started avoiding buying the kit.

When recently one of my friends became a mother, I proudly bought the big JnJ kit for her but I was taken aback when in the middle of the conversation, her husband said, we don’t generally use Johnson’s products, you know with all the negative news coming. I was thinking, ‘Umm… what should I do? Should I take the gift back or get them something else the next time.’

Obviously I was embarrassed, so when I got this invitation from BabyChakra to attend a mom bloggers’ meet with Johnson and Johnson, I knew what I wanted to ask. I did not want to be influenced by anyone or ask all positive questions, I had some serious doubts and wanted to clear them out. Being a JnJ baby and using JnJ for my daughter, I was now in a state where I had started doubting my choice.

I am glad that the first thing BabyChakra told us was to feel free to ask whatever we wanted to, there was no need to be politically correct and Deepali from Johnson and Johnson was more than willing to answer our questions. You can watch Deepali answer all the grilling questions here.

The Question Answer session was long and in between we played some interesting games, who knew we moms could be so excited about washing laundry. That was when Johnson and Johnson officially introduced us to new Johnson and Johnson Laundry Detergent for our active baby’s clothes. Our team, Wondermoms won one of the games but more than that we were glad to see that the detergent was really good. I will be sharing the review for Johnson and Johnson Active Baby Laundry Detergent soon in my blog.18557530_832363253587779_4074388332289286502_n

Have you ever been to party where your host told you that they will take care of the baby, there is a play area and a good number of attendants and in case the baby cries they have wonderful goodie bag for him/her? Have you ever been to a conference where you were told that we love baby noises, so let them play and sing and be themselves? Or have you ever seen a meeting where amazingly cute little kids were crawling and playing and smiling and even feeding?  If yes, then you have lovely friends and if no, then that’s the kind of conference Johnson and Johnson and Baby Chakra had arranged for the moms. And I came back home with a bag full of goodies not just for the baby, but for a change for the moms as well. I personally loved the pink pouch 😉

From asking questions to sharing experiences, the event was nothing but heart-warming because it was supposed to be an official meet for me but it just became

personal, it was  nice to see so many moms with their cute little babies interacting and sharing things, Baby Chakra team was warm and  eager to help and assist the moms, I mean I wanted an extra chair and before I could even turn to ask for it, there it was next to me and obviously the best part was finally getting the assurance that I haven’t made a wrong choice by choosing Johnson and Johnson for my baby, and that it is indeed best for my baby. You can watch moms sharing their experience with Johnson and Johnson here.

In case you missed out, I am the chubby one in black and the little one dancing in a denim dress in my naughty princess, and trust me this was the first time I saw her enjoying an event without even feeling the need to be around me all the time.





  1. It’s such an amazing feeling to meet all those people whom you connect with online . Also Johnson & Johnson clarified all the doubts that you had after hearing all the rumours about the products. Thanks for sharing this Swati. Though I didn’t attend this meet, your post helped me too to re affirm my faith in J& J


  2. Such positive reviews of J n J all around. Am sure a lot of doubts are cleared now. Thanks for sharing your experience 👍


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