A new lease of life at 55

A wonderful story by my dear friend Akshata Ramesh. An eye opener for many of us.

Savitri let out a nervous laugh “You are joking right, playing a prank on me. Today is not April Fool’s Day.”

Her husband Shankar Rai looked at her with a straight calm face. “No Savi, I am not joking. This is the truth. I have decided to renounce all worldly pleasure, give up this life of luxuries and the mad rat race which only makes one more and more unhappy. I am going to Amma’s ashram in Kannur for good. I know you have not been a follower of Amma and have only accompanied me for bhajanas and pilgrimage at my insistence. But I request you to join me on this path of peace and content and see how beautiful life will be. Of course I cannot command you. In case you decide otherwise, be assured I have made all the arrangements for you to lead a tension free life. …

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  1. In to17#&y82da;s depressed people are turning away from new cars,though companies are trying really hard to lure them in .People are trying to be on the safer side by going a used one and saving some bucks,but the maintenance of used car is a real headache.


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