Reasons to Choose Matrika’s Creative Woman’s Journal

Being an author and a blogger, diaries and journals have always been a part of my life. I still remember the time when I was going through a tough phase in my life as a teenager, my grandfather introduced me to the world of writing.

He was a storyteller, a wonderful one. His stories talked about kings and queens, fairies and demons, people and places, cultures and traditions; there was humor, suspense, emotions and I was his biggest fan. Too bad we did not have internet then. However I try to recreate the magic of his stories in my books. I was almost 14 year old and emotionally faced a lot of challenges, peer pressure and everything. My grandfather knew what would help me out. It was then he gifted me a red, hard-cover diary. He told me it was just for me and I can write anything I want and no one would touch it. He was always there to support me, inspire me and motivate me. All the energy that was getting wasted in thinking negative things, was not shifted towards something creative. That first red diary changed the world for me.

After that, I could never find a diary like that. Either it was the colour or the size but nothing was just the same. When I came across Matrika’s Journal for Creative Woman All those memories came flashing back. It was exactly like my grandfather’s diary, obviously sans the cover design and stickers. P_20170609_100644.jpg

In all these years I have gifted myself a lot of things and Matrika’s Journal as the best gift I have given myself.

Let me give you some reasons to buy Matrika’s Journal for yourself or for someone you love a lot:

1. It is beautiful. Anyone who loves stationery and likes to have personal journal would love it. The beautiful feather on the cover reflects the writer in you. Since I am an author I liked the Feather. They also have it with Dragonfly, butterfly and fish.


2. It has everything one needs to relieve stress: Stickers to add some extra spice to whatever you write, ‘I never thought I would ever’. It just gives one prompts to think of the things that otherwise go unnoticed. It even has some beautiful designs to colour. What else does a creative woman need? Good number of pages to write, some blank pages to scribble her heart out, some cute stickers to make the pages even more interesting, A section to list the places to visit and an envelope in the end, just in case you feel like writing a note for yourself or a loved one.

p_20170609_102211.jpg  p_20170609_102144.jpg


3. It makes a wonderful gift: I bought Matrika’s Journal for creative woman but I won’t mind getting the other three as gifts. Just look at them, they are not just board and papers. These journals are worthy enough to save your treasured memories. Matrika’s Journals are awesome gifts.



4. They are Useful: Apart form everything else, I have realised that Matrika’s Journals are useful, proper slots for dates and nothing extra, no extra text to make things complex, they are simple and as my mom always says, simplest things are the most useful ones.

In case you are looking for a journal, planners, notebooks and diaries, you must give Matrika’s a try. As they say, “I’m old school but still quite cool.”

Buy it here: You can buy it on Amazon at just Rs 450/-

Personally, I am in love with my new journal and it has somehow revived the habit of maintaining a diary that is not digital. Every time I write in it, I feel I am again that fourteen year old girl who needed a direction in life and who found it with her beautiful red diary.

If my grandfather were alive, he would have loved this diary.

My dear friend Anchal has also shared her thoughts about Matrika’s journal in her blog post. You can follow her on Facebookand Instagram. Next in this blog chain is lovely Nayantara from Mommying BabyT . She will be posting her review soon. Don’t forget to follow her on Facebook and Instagram show some love.






  1. Oh ….. that beautiful red journal ….. I’m in love of it …… your’s is such a heart warming review…… you have penned down your thoughts so beautifully as this journal….. thanks for joining our bl9g chain of Matrika’s Journal Review ……. !!!


  2. That’s such a lovely review. Am sure nostalgia would have hit you! The journal is indeed beautiful and worth buying. 👍


  3. Noen som kan anbefale et merke som er bra, på kreatin moaryhdont ? Og hvor mye trenger man ta ta når man er 51 kg? Står kun en dosering bak, og jeg antar jeg ikke trenger like mye som en stor mann


  4. What a beautiful place to make a home! I look forward to keeping up with your transition and seeing what such lovely inspiration produces. I also look forward to living vicariously through you as you go to the beach! We didn't make it this year, and I've really missed it.Blessings,Katy


  5. Galati scrive:“…il Climatolgo propriamente detto è colui che fa ricerca in campo climatico e non meteorologico…”Se volesse mettere più dettagli a questa affermazione così da poter immaginare che cosa voglia dire, magari potrei rispondere.Inoltre, nel mio commento precedente ho già provato a spiegare chi è il “suo” climatologo. Se mi dice quale parte non ha compreso, posso provare a spiegarglielo di nuovo.Infine, prima di continuare la discussione, dopo tutti quei pregevoli epiteti che mi / ci ha regalato, le sembra fuori luogo chiedere scusa?


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