The Wooden Scale

As Anu came back home from the market, she saw that her husband was busy teaching her daughter. Her daughter had this big, brown wooden scale that she was using to draw lines on her notebook.

Image result for wooden scale

‘Why the hell have you bought this?’ she shouted. Her husband was shocked, for he could see fear in her eyes. ‘What are you talking about?, he asked.

She picked up the scale and asked again, ‘This… Why have you bought this?’

He was all the more confused. ‘It’s just a scale. We always used it as kids. I thought Diya can use it as well’, he replied. Somehow he was loosing his patience. He looked at her but she was still lost in thoughts, her face had fear and disgust. It was as if she was seeing something that no one else could.

Anu saw her mother trying to hide herself. Her mother was trying to cover herself in the corner of the bed, her hands were trying to defend her as she kept saying, ‘Sorry, Sorry, Ab nahi bolungi (I won’t say it again)’ Anu saw her father with that big wooden scale in his hands, he kept hitting her mother with it as Anu, a little girl then, kept crying, ‘Papa please mummy k mat maro.’ But nothing could stop her father. This wasn’t new for Anu or her mother. Anu’s grandmother came and took her to a different room, but she could still hear her mothers sobs and pleads, she could hear the sound of that wooden scale hitting her mother.

Before Anu could know she had broken that wooden scale her daughter was using and threw it in the dustbin. ‘I don’t want to see this scale again in my life ever. This is the second scale I have broken. First one I broke when I was fifteen and second one now.’



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