Cultivating Self-Control In Kids

Watering The Root

A few years ago, a friend had sent me a link to an episode of the “Colbert Report” where Stephen Colbert invited Walter Mischel of famous the Marshmallow study done decades ago. To know more about the test click here.

I got really excited watching this clip and tried it on my then 5 year old and this is how it went.

Me: Hey Hari, look what I have for you, your favourite candy

Hari: Oh, yummm, can I have it now?

Me: Ok here’s the deal, I will give this to you, but if you don’t eat it now and wait for 15 minutes, I will give you two more, which means then you will have 3, not just 1. (I thought I had almost nailed it, and then)

Hari: But mommy, you have told me NO MORE THAN ONE CANDY A DAY, so it’s ok, I don’t want…

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