Dear Dads

A mother stays at home, manages the home, takes care of everyone . . . lots of work. A mother goes to office, does all the work, meets deadlines, comes back home and then does all the work again . . . lots of work… isn’t it? What does the dad do? Get up in the morning, go to office, come back home, watch TV, play with kids, sleep or may be help a little at home… that’s it! Huh! Such an easy life . . . Really??? Ever wondered how it feels to be a dad with all the responsibilities and compulsions.

I know even we as women have compulsions but I, intentionally, want to stress on Dads. Dads, I come across when I walk on the road, Dads I see in malls, Dads I meet in office. It might seem odd to some, but when I look at them, I see men, strong men, who become completely different when it is something about their families.


This Dad, a big businessman, giving all he has to a start up. This dad works day and night  to build a brand . . . why? For his kids, for his family. This dad smiles all the time, chats with his employees, keeps them happy and then alone somewhere wishes for a little time to be spent with his child. This dad tries with all his might, to keep the stress at bay when he is with his family, this dad feels sad that sometimes he can’t do so. This dad regrets not being there with his wife when she was sick, this dad praises his child and I could see how much love his heart holds for his child.

That Dad is an employee in a firm, that dad tries his best to stay away from politics, that dad tries hard to save his job, that dad listens to the boss, sometimes feels frustrated, but then keeps working for he knows he has to pay for the home loan, the school fees, and everything not just because he has to but because he wants to. That dad reaches office early and leaves late, that dad runs like a maniac when he gets to know that his child hurt himself in school. I see hope in that dad’s eyes, and see that he hides everything from his wife, from his kids. He goes back home like a strong man, his child idolizes his, wants to be like him and when his child says, ‘MY Daddy Strongest’ that dad gets all the courage and hope back again to face life.

This Dad pulls rikshaw and saves small notes in a pocket and keeps aside for his daughter’s fees; that dad sells ice cream so that his child can have two rotis at night.

This dad sells stylish shoes, shoes that cost more than his salary and then on his way buys a pair of booties for his new born child; that dad waiting for his bus to go back home from work, looks at beautiful bangles and decides to walk towards home and buys the bangles instead.

This dad’s child wants to ride in a taxi and this dad lifts up his child and makes him sit on his shoulder. He walks barefoot and still smiles.

This dad wears the same faded blue shirt and rejoices to see his little princess dressed in a new dress.

This dad tries his best to make his family happy, this dad tries to keep his mother happy and make his wife happy and then tries to find his happiness in their smiles.

That dad brings medicines for his dad, loves him a little more as he grew up a little more, respects his dad a little more with time, knows what his dad did for him a little more as he faces life. This dad now knows what it means to be a dad.

This dad lets his dear daughter do his make up and that dad wrestles with his son even after being too tired after work.

This dad and that dad,  I see dear dads. Dads who face a whole lot of things in office, bear the tantrums of the employees and listen to boss’s taunts. Dads who want to buy a house, dads who want to buy a bigger house . . . all for wife and kids, yes for himself too but as I see dads around me, this dad, that dad and dear dad, I see strong men facing a lot, hiding a hell lot of stress within and going back homes with smiles, a smile on their wives’ faces, a hug from their kids recharges them.

You are strong dads . . .This dad, that dad and dear dads you are all world’s best dads.


One comment

  1. Very well written Swati as always. I always missed my dad as his job demanded too much of travelling. Now I see my husband brave mumbai traffic daily to work for almost 4 hrs of the day so that Mishti doesn’t have to go long distances for school , so that we can give her good education, so that I can stay at home and pursue my dreams . Dads should be acknowledged.


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